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The objectives of the foundation Hague Comedy Festival

The Haags Comedy Festival aspires to be the best multi-day comedy event in the Netherlands. This multi lingual event is committed to bringing the community together through live comedy. The festival promotes smiles, laughter, and an all-around good time through its display of comedic performance.

We have many goals in producing this annual festival:

  • Seek out and find comedic talent in all corners of the entertainment industry.
  • Bring audiences the best talent possible, and create an environment where performers can create new and exciting comedy together.
  • Encourage the contemporary creativity that is constantly emerging in this field and strives to educate people about the rich history of this genre.
  • Expose audiences to comedy as not only as a form of joy, but also as an art form.
  • Showcase our fair international city.
  • Foster a sense of community among a national network of performers
  • and lastly, to have a good time producing good comedic theatre
  • Create a comedy infrastructure.

The vission of the The Haags Comedy Festival foundation

The Hague Comedy Festival strives for a sustainable infrastructure of comedy in The Hague and surroundings which we turn our attention to talent development. We are the only comedy festival in The Hague, even for people on a budget. We offer accessible, socially engaged arts.

The mission of the foundation The Haags Comedy Festival

The Hague Comedy Festival believes that connects laugh together, contributes to the perspective, life happiness and social cohesion. Through our unique focus and creative engagement we are a truly international cultural development organization that works at the level of creating creative comedy network connections. The Hague Comedy Festival works with partner organizations abroad with the aim of strengthening the comedy infrastructure and the building of a global cultural network. In addition to exchange knowledge and experiences and committed, and we realize projects comedians’ only dared to dream.

The objectives, mission and vision are written down in the Statute of the Hague Comedy Festival

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