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Haags Comedy Festival 2014

An amazing expercience.

The grand-final of the Haags Comedy Festival 2014 was a success. Ivan Novakovic, winner of the Jury & Audience Award, we extend a warm congratulations to you. Juliën Kavish Lubeek, winner of the Personality Award, congratulations on a great job! Duncan MacDonald, Michael ML Geerts, and Arielle Dundas keep up the good work, you have so much potential. Tamar Burger-Starobinetz thanks for your lovely energy. We thank all our fantastic MC's Garrett Millerick, William Sutton, Paul B. Edwards and the great Headliners Dana Michelle Alexander,Stefano Paolini and Geoff Boyz. We feel very honored by having you over here in the Hague and loved your EPIC acts. Paul B. Edwards, Roel C. Verburg, Merel Mathey and Bob Maclaren (owner Comedy Cafe Amsterdam), thanks for being on the jury and thanks for the weekend spots, now Novakovic can shine on stage with the best comedians! We love your sound en beats Dj Wouter Fikkers a.k.a.Fast Fader and Peter Oostinga a.k.a. Mista Sweet (AIGHT foundation). Sieuw Mahadew (Foto Ypenburg), Mel McPeake, Kevin McPeake, Mark Andrew Fredeluces Hernandez thanks for your amazing creative pictures. Adrian Ciocoiu (AC Visuals) and Björn Massuger (One Man) thanks for recording the HCF. Jan Bauer (Haagsche Amateur Film Club) and Sita Mohabir, thanks for decorating the festival. The managers of the festival are our precious comedy Angels straight from heaven: Mart Venema (backstage), Rick Kuitems (frontstage), ticket en promotion managers Astrid Beuk , Ashna Rama and Anne Bennett (Legal Advisors) Sabrina Chaudry (Transport), Marticia Bachoe (Food and Beverage).

Thank you fantastic crew for making this event possible, we rocked it!

Thank you public. We love you.


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