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Xavier Castells

I have being a comedian more than 5 years , I have been working in three shows in three theatres in Spain, and also I have been doing my own show, last year I did a three month tour in USA, where I performed in New York, Seattle, San Francisco , Las Vegas and New Orleans.. And this year Comedy Central bought my Set “ Acrimonious” for T.V.

My own show I did for the Barcelona Summer Festival in Teatreneu, it was very successfully so I also tour spain with it.. KRAZY FUNY COMEDY: Improv and Stand up together in a very Krazy Show.. Two year in Teatre Llantiol. ACRIMONIOUS : this is last show in English I did for Televison ( in Spanish ) but also in English, when I performed in US and more recently in London. USA Tour: I tour 88 days US, and I performed in English in New York ( Gotham Comedy ), Seattle ( Parlor Live ), and I also did open mics in New Orleans and San Francisco. LONDON tour: Last Juli Idid a very funny Tour in London where I performed in two of the best venues Angel Comedy and Comedy Store King Gong Show.


Winner of the National competition “ Piratas Comedy” 2014.

Winner of the Nantional Competition de Habemus comedy 2013 y 2012;.

Second Position National Competitio “ Cadeana Ser” year 2011.

Twitter: @xaviercastellsx

Facebook: xaviercastells.73


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