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Creative Impressions

Het optreden van Improv Comedy Mumbai in Delft was een groot succes.

Improv Comedy Mumbai has been in existence since 2009. Currently it has performed shows in all the major cities of India. For such sponsors as Vodaphone, ICICI Bank, Ballentines Whiskey, Time Out Magazine, Lonovo Computers, and Wilson College in Mumbai. In 2011 Improv Comedy Mumbai has currently shifted to The Canvas Laugh Factory.

It is the hope that in 2011 Improv Comedy Mumbai will be able to grow and fill the need of Improvisational Theater in India by creating a group of professionally trained improvisers and performers that will provide quality entertainment both to people in India as well as an international audience. It is I.C.M.’s goal to increase the educational program in the next years to come, by offering a range of Improv classes along with a variety of different international improv instructors. Improv Comedy Mumbai is pushing for new growth and change for the face of the global community, both in India and beyond.

Adam Dow is currently the Artistic Director of Improv Comedy Mumbai. He has been working in the field of Improvisational Theater since the age of 18. From his High school Theatresports days to running a college improvisational group and on into performing professionally with Seattle’s Unexpected Productions Improv troupe; Adam Dow has had over 13 years of performance experience in the field of improvised theater. In 2010 Adam was nominated as number 9 of people who matter in Mumbai by

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