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Ivan Novakovic

* Jury Award & Audience Award *

Haags Comedy Festival

Ivan Novakovic (28) is a fresh face in the Dutch comedy circuit. In his short time performing, Novakovic has headlined several venues in the Netherlands and is definitely an upcoming talent who is determined and very comfortable on stage. Born in Yugoslavia, he fled the country during a bloody civil war at the age of 11, and continued to live in the Netherlands. He studied in Groningen and now lives in Amsterdam with his beautiful girlfriend, taking part in full-time corporate slavery. He brightens his live with his new love: Stand Up Comedy. A positive way to speak his mind and shove his opinions in people’s faces. His Yugoslavian roots, positive personality and strong energy make him an unique comedy persona.

Ivan Novakovic, Jury and Audience award winner of the Haags Comedy Festival 2014, will be hitting the stage at the Comedy Cafe Amsterdam December 12th 2014, December 20th 2014 and February 5th 2015.

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