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The Board of the Haags Comedy Festival

Sharda Dewie

Duties of the Chairwoman include:

Leads the meetings and coordinates the administration.

Spokes woman of the board.

Representative of the organization.

Takes initiatives and networks.

Takes care of the annual report.

Supervising volunteers and the production team. 

Hilda Ratan

The duties of the Treasurer include:

Budget preparation.

Accounting and managing bank accounts.

Make and receive payments.

Keep track of the cashflow and bank book.

Responsible for the annual financial report.

Monitor the management's plans on the basis of a budget.

Regulating Chamber of Commerce.

Responsible for ticket sales.

Petra Biharie

The duties of the Secretary include:

Writing letters and grants on behalf of the association or foundation. Archiving received letters and preserving copies of letters sent.

Making reports and minutes of the board meetings.

Responsible for festival decoration.

Design of flyers and posters.

Promotion through social media channels.

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