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The Semi-finalists of the Haags Comedy Festival 2014

We are proud to present the semifinalists of the Haags Comedy Festival 2014: Duncan MacDonald, Arielle Dundas, Julian Kavish Lubeek, Michael Geerts and Ivan Novakovic.

THe HCF works with a jury for the selection and a jury for the competition.

The jury formation of the selection: Mariella Fazzi and Roshni Flores. They looked at various comedy elements: English pronounciation, authenticity and stage performace.

The jury formation of the competition: Roel C. Verburg and Bob Maclaren.

The semifinalists will play at the try-out October 2nd at the Kroepoekfabriek in Vlaardingen.

The semifinals will take place at the the Paard Cafe Den Haag on October 15th and 29th. Each semifinal will be hosted by a professional MC that will be specially flown in from abroad for HCF 2014. We will reveal the MC and HL names on facebook in October 2014.

Tickets for the semifinals are only 10 euro and can be bought at the door on the day of the semifinals of online 

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