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Tim Ward in action!

Tim Ward

Professional stand up comedian and corporate motivator, Tim Ward, has created the “Tim Says” game to give your event the needed energy just 20 minutes.

“Tim Says” is a wonderful edition to any opening, workshop, training, or team building event. The focus of this fun and energetic game is getting back to the basics of listening. Which is the first principle of communicating.

In the fast paced world we live in filled with twitter, laptops, facebook and internet, we are easily overwhelmed with an information overload. It is time to slow down. Tim Says forces us to listen and react accordingly. Yet, this seems to be more difficult than it sounds....

Within minutes the Tim sets the tone to the event with a stand up routine about listening. This is sheer self recognition and of course a barrel of laughs.

Tim follows this routine with the simple rules to “Tim Says” the game. With a smile on their face the audience follows Tim’s lead and discover how difficult listening really is. By the end of the game there is enjoyment, active learning and a winner!

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